Friday, April 24, 2009

Rainbow Parrot Fish

I teach two classes of Grade 4. Together we have been creating a giant Rainbow Parrot Fish with willow, tissue paper and paper plates. Each group of students have had a chance to work on the willow frame using masking tape as a binding tool to create the skeleton of the fish. We had great fun painting watered down PVA on sheets of tissue paper and draping them over the frame (very messy). The scales are painted paper plates with designs inspired by the beautiful tropical fish.

The Fish is coming along well, we are nearly finished but have run out of paper plate scales. Back to work.

Making My Mark on the Market Scene

I love markets and have been enjoying being a seller instead of a buyer. I love swapping my wares with fellow stall holders and meeting all the people throughout the day.

Camberwell Market Easter Sunday

Xmas Northcote Town Hall 2008

Nifty Market Northcote Town Hall April 2009

Look out for my upcoming markets in June and July.... I'll keep you posted.