Monday, February 9, 2009

Life Stack

Year 3 is looking at 'Who They Are'. Today in art students were asked to think of their favorite sport, activity, food, animal, class and also look at what makes up different parts of their life. We then started by drawing a picture of them in action. Many students drew themselves kicking a ball, swimming or running. The image was then built up by balancing the next drawing on top of the last. Scale was ignored and objects were often warped in size. This stack, balancing precariously on top of the student’s body was then painted. In the next few weeks I will ask my students to sculpt individual pieces of the drawing and we will create a personal ceramic totem.


  1. I love the stacking totem people idea! I can't wait to see the finished ceramic later in the year. Such a special idea that the kids have complete ownership of, I can imagine the finished piece being a real tide mark in the kids primary school memories. Go Ebs! Love Ceri :)