Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mini Minimalist Monuments

Year five has been working with cardboard boxes to create Mini Minimalist Monuments. Inspired by Tony Smith and Robert Swan

Students started by making a paper template which had to incorporate a square, triangle and a circle. To make it a bit harder the sculptures had to have a cut away inside the shape.
This created a window space and was very hard to incorporate into the three-dimensional design.


This was a hard and slow process. After the template was made two walls were cut out of the flat cardboard. These two sides were then joined by a 5cm width all the way around and in the centre window. The forms were secured with masking tape and then covered in torn newspaper and wall paper glue. Students could test their success against their original template and whether it stood and was balanced. I am happy to say they have all turned out smashing and would fit into any park or open space. Great Work Grade Five!!!


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  2. Very neat! I have my 5th graders do something similar but with the letter of their first name, then we cover in decoupage. I may use this instead this year, very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow wow wow well done you this is very good.

  4. Hey there,
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  5. Ebony, This is a great blog. It is just what I needed to get some inspiration for a few upcoming projects.

    I also have an art teacher blog if you are interested:

  6. They look great. I love these simple ideas that are guaranteed to come out looking terrific. Nice blog.

  7. These look awesome! But I was wondering whether your inspiration was Ron Robertson-Swann rather than Robert Swan? The yellow sculpture looks a lot like his famous work "Vault"

  8. These are very interesting. The same process is used to make pinatas sometimes, as well as Carnival Costumes in my island....hmmm...garden sculptures...
    Nice following your blog.
    Samantha Rochard

  9. Amei, muito chique quando envolve a mente.

  10. Art is something that imbibes creativity in the mind-set of children. The blog has said it all! We should let our kids learn about art and allow them to explore the artistic world. This will help them to become creative. Making artistic things with cardboards is something appreciable. I really liked this idea.